Monday, February 14, 2011

Sorted, Skirted, Picked, Weighed and Sampled ... Oh My!

What a GREAT week this has been! Last Saturday (AM - After Market) we sheared a dozen of the (mostly) Wensleys, and I spent that week getting fleeces sorted out and ready to sell. I have a spread sheet with pictures, prices and fiber information, but it was too big to upload here. If that link doesn't work for you, cut and paste this:

UPDATE: Opal and Lila's fleeces have been sold. Thank you!

It is over 6MB, so takes a while to load.
Next weekend we do more and some goats, yay!

This week, we skipped the Saturday market and instead drove to LA where I was able to sit in on the SCHG (Southern California Handweavers' Guild) monthly meeting. Patsy Zawistoski gave a great talk and slide show on Using Your Yarns; A Look at the Creative Process. That afternoon and all day Sunday she taught a superb workshop called Quick Novelty & Boucle Yarns. I don't know how quick I was, but it was a treat and a challenge to keep up. We worked on spinning a worsted slub spiral, a core spun bouclé, a knotted yarn, a cable yarn and a lopi style singles yarn, among others. The worksheets she designed served to keep us on track as well as provide a reference for future projects. Never have I been so organized! All in all I found them to be a wonderful, lively guild, and the workshop was stupendous.

Today (Valentine's Day) I gave a short presentation on carding and spinning on a Navajo-style spindle to my own guild, Palomar Handweavers' Guild, PHG . Now I sit with my brain quite literally spinning, thinking "Fiber, fiber EVERYWHERE but never time to think!"