Thursday, August 25, 2011

ADD Without the H

I seem to have started a hundred projects, then run in circles trying to complete just one.  It's the hot, muggy middle of August, yet these days feel anything but lazy!

A gallon of milk sat too long in the fridge, so I found a recipe for making paneer and spent a few failed tries to achieve a wonderful little cheese!

I learned that:
  1. You have to really heat the milk, not just warm it. 
  2. It takes some time.
  3. You don't need to add anything except lemon juice.  
  4. It is as easy as falling down.
  5. The result is delicious!
  6. You can't really make ricotta from the leftover whey (or at least I couldn't).  
In fact, I don't know what you can do with it: it tasted lousy when used to make rice, and even the dogs turned their noses up at it.

Next and continuously (but not at the same time nor in the same bowls) was washing and dyeing fleece and fiber for Pluckyfluff's Yarnival event next week in Placerville (poster is here), and for other upcoming events in the fall.  The Yarnival is on Boeger Winery's grounds, and should be amazing fun, but work for Mikey since he has agreed (I think) to man the booth while I take a workshop on Saturday and Sunday.  Do you believe this progression?

Of course, the whole thing was on a much larger scale, involving two washing machines, the entire kitchen in the guest house/studio, and most of the week.  But what a lot to show for it!
 Dyes mixed and waiting -- my favorites.
 The simmering pot -- great expectations.
The rack rolls inside at night and stays out on the deck during the day.  Very convenient.

Woolllama, mohair and wool and even some ?????
The roving is a riot of color.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Peaceful Day


San Diego has the most amazing weather, and this year has beat all records for mildness.  We have yet to experience a "real" summer, and by that I mean days that are scorchers with temps in triple digits and humidity in singles, for days on end.  Instead, we have had the cooling marine layer in the morning, followed by sun mid-day, a pleasant sunset, and then cool, foggy nights.  Everyone has been sheared for the warm weather, so most of the critters spend the day hanging out in the shade.  Here (above) two of the buck goats watch as Rizado reaches for some tempting pecan leaves.  Lani has her usual "huh" expression.

Dusty has picked up on the slight commotion and moseys over to see if he can grab the branch.  He is taller, and - as expected - managed to connect (below), pulling the branch down so that Rizado can grab a bite, and the goats can hoover-up any stray leaves.

Eventually the tiniest llama, Lilly,  shows up to see if there is any left for her, but too late - Dusty has let go, and everyone else has to wait and wish.