Monday, November 3, 2008

No - vember

October broke into November this year just as it did last time, with a long, last sigh of exhausted heat followed suddenly by fall. Only this year we are happily in place, and not trying to recover from wildfire evacuation to a campsite at the beach.
Five days in a small motor home with eight dogs, (most of whom weigh more than 100# and some of whom don't much care for each other) and a cat (under veterinary care) can be extremely grueling, and our experience was even more interesting because it was immediately followed by #1 son's wedding.

Sanity was eventually restored: the creatures returned to their duties with the flock, the wedding went on without missing a beat, and our home was mercifully unscathed.
This year there were no threatening fires and no Hindu weddings; just a quiet appreciation for all that is right with the world: No-vember.

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