Friday, April 3, 2009

Ah, April

True to the old homily, March went out like a lamb and April has arrived with the faintest suggestion of showers. The weeds are growing like, well, weeds, and the sheep have been moved from pasture to pasture to take advantage of the green bounty. Now all that remain are the invasive and inedible thistles, which taunt me daily to get a shovel and get down there to dig them out before they go to seed.

Mazie, our elderly Angora goat, has been standing down in the bottom corner of the goat pen, far away from the crowd. It is a nice, sandy spot in the shade of high bushes, but still, we feared that her time was drawing near. I grew a little hopeful when she moved closer up the hill to lie in the sun yesterday, and then last night we found this:

Yollie watches Mazie and the new one.

I don't think Yollie (Kangal on duty in the goat pen) even noticed the birth until we walked over, then she quickly moved to inspect the newborn and help clean it. Too bad it's a boy, because I was all set to call the kid April. Now I think he must be named Oedipus, because our pygora buck was taken out of the girls pen a loooong time ago, and the only males remaining were her twin boys from last year. Obviously one of them was quite precocious.


seashells said...

Congrats to you and Maizy on the new and unexpected arrival.

Kathy said...

Thank you, I will pass the congrats along to Maizy. These little surprises are one of the many delights of life on the farm. We were not planning on goat babies this year, since we didn't breed any of the does (we thought) so there you are!

Thanks again,

Laura McNeal said...

Ah, the farming life! Presumably goats can move on with their lives in such circumstances, and no one will have to blind himself with a brooch.