Thursday, October 14, 2010

Addendum and Updates

The new kid, Phoebe's little white buck (now dubbed Pie) has turned out to be absolutely sound. His leg may have been stepped on or tweaked during delivery, but now there is no sign that he was ever favoring it. And those eyes! Don't they look blue?

Pie is not the only blue-eyed kid, and Phoebe has very pale eyes as well, but it is fun to see the variety.

I have been introducing Mouse to the rest of the herd a few minutes every day so that hopefully, one day, he will remember that he is a goat. But it isn't going very well so far. The does push him away from their kids, so he ends up chasing chickens and wandering around lost.

You can get an idea of Mouse's diminutive size by checking him against newborn Pie, in the background.

Mouse continues to eat and gain and - at two weeks - weighs in at a whopping 3 pounds 6 ounces. I am gradually switching him from goat milk to whole cow's milk, with lactase enzyme added. So far no problems, and he is gulping his bottle whenever it is offered. He stays dry through the night (from 8 to 8!), never pees in his basket, comes when called, and generally is the most entertaining thing to arrive on the scene since the grand kids left.

On the fiber front, I spun up a neat bump of mohair that I dyed in dark tans and oranges. Sounds a bit hideous, but it really spun up nicely, and - plied with a black llama singles - will make a lovely hat or scarf.

October skein

In addition to spinning, I've been using up bits of leftover yarn making little monsters. Five so far, among them are Boo, Puff, and Stash. Here they pose with two of my "warty squash" and one lovely golden one that somehow managed to get two nearly perfect eyes - naturally!

All of the little monsters are hand knit and felted, except for Fire Fingers (the bigger one in the back) who is a puppet waiting for a face.

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