Monday, November 15, 2010


One week later we were locked and loaded for another big event: the Western Fiber Festival, held annually in Torrance by what was formerly SCHG. What fun! And this time it was just a one-day event, so we could leave the mighty Mouse at home with our farm feeder. It was dark when we left - 4 something, by the "new" time - but the skies lightened by the time we arrived, revealing strange cloud formations over Long Beach.

As we got closer we decided that it was a phenomenon due to the still weather; lack of wind allowed heated air from the refineries to travel straight up, like chmneys or tornado's tails. Interesting to watch, to the point that we had to turn off our book on CD - Malcom Gladwell's What the Dog Saw. And that book is hard to turn down.

WeFF is a feast for the eyes, a bonanza for the buyer, and our happiest day of the year. We earned more in one day (10 to 4) than we did in FIVE tortuous days (and one evening) at Convergence.

Plus we had great fun, the people (both public and organizers) were wonderful, and ... AND... they served us coffee and donuts while we set up and gave us little sandwiches, soda and chips for lunch!

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